Svea Immel

Director of Photography


Director of Photography, Documentary film

About me

Svea Immel

I work as a cine­ma­to­graph­er in many free and com­mer­cial film pro­jects. The col­lab­or­a­tion with people is im­port­ant to me. Since 2015, I have been act­ive in the or­bit of film­Arche, a self-or­gan­ized film school in Ber­lin. I am also part of the fem­in­ist film col­lect­ive TINT. A con­stant in my work are the top­ics of sexu­al­ity, in­ter­per­son­al re­la­tion­ships, and queer fem­in­ism.


  • The Superimposition (scenes 1–3) Video Installation at Bärenzwinger 18.09-13.11.22 from Melanie Jame Wolf
    Camera, Exhibition
  • RISE UP SOON in the cinema! Trailer from leftvision
    Sound, Documentary Essay
  • VOICES/CHOICES Now in the cinema! Trailer with KINOKAS
    Director of Photography, Documentary, long 98min




  • High Touch with TINT
    Director of Photography, Short film
  • The Luddites with Kerstin Schroedinger
    1st Camera Assistant, Art installation
  • Neubau a Schuldenberg Films production
    1st Assistant Camera, Feature film
  • Shadowdancer with Pepa Kistner
    Director of Photography, Music video
  • Du bist so schön, wenn du hasst mit Matti Reißig
    Director of Photography, Music video
  • Tacheles! grant-aided by Kubinaut
    Director of Photography, Sexual education series
  • Pelze (Working title)
    Gaffer, Documentary
  • Darlings (Working title)
    Boom operator, Featurefilm
  • Axel Springer Akademie mit Stahlmedien
    Camera operator, Media coaching
  • Schwarzes Haus (Working title)
    1st Camera Assistant, Teaser


  • Choirboys with Pepa Kistner
    Director of Photography, Music video
  • Agape a Hommage Pictures production
    1st Camera Assistant, Short film
  • Axel Springer Akademie mit Stahlmedien
    Camera operator, Media coaching
  • Über Namen with Stefania Smolkina
    Director of Photography, Web documentary
  • Chemo Darkroom with Harvey Rabbit
    Director of Photography, Queerfeminist porn
  • Guests with Natalia Zuch
    Director of Photography, Mid-length documentary


  • Her mit dem Geld with Levin Lebig
    1st Camera Assistant, Short film
  • Enby as part of a stay in Canada
    Director of Photography, Queer webseries
  • Cocoon with Pepa Kistner
    Boom Assistant, Short film



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